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Concordance Results

The selected word "cloud" appears 5 times in the following 4 texts (sorted by results):

  1. The Bard. A Pindaric Ode  (2 results)
            34    'Made huge Plinlimmon bow his cloud-topped head.
          135    'Fond impious man, think'st thou, yon sanguine cloud,

  2. Agrippina, a Tragedy  (1 result)
          188    Dispel, my fair, with smiles, the timorous cloud

  3. [The Alliance of Education and Government. A Fragment]  (1 result)
            47    Has Scythia breathed the living cloud of war;

  4. Ode for Music  (1 result)
            65    Foremost and leaning from her golden cloud

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