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Concordance Results

The selected word "first" appears 16 times in the following 11 texts (sorted by results):

  1. A Long Story  (3 results)
            17    What, in the very first beginning!
            25    The first came cap-a-pee from France
            69    On the first marching of the troops

  2. [Lines Spoken by the Ghost of John Dennis at the Devil Tavern]  (2 results)
            14    My soul, when first she tried her flight to wing,
            17    First most devoutly having said its prayers,

  3. [Translation from Statius, Thebaid IX 319-26]  (2 results)
              5    In this clear wave he first beheld the day;
              6    On the green bank first taught his steps to stray,

  4. [Translation] From Tasso [Gerusalemme Liberata] Canto 14, Stanza 32-9.  (2 results)
              3    And first to Ascalon their steps they bend,
            36    I shall unfold; but first dismiss your fears,

  5. The Bard. A Pindaric Ode  (1 result)
            10    Of the first Edward scattered wild dismay,

  6. [Epitaph on Sir William Williams]  (1 result)
              6    (There first in blood his infant glory sealed);

  7. Imitated from Propertius, Lib: 3: Eleg: 5:  (1 result)
            22    That first, eternal, universal Cause;

  8. Ode for Music  (1 result)
            22    First the genuine ardour stole.

  9. Ode on the Death of a Favourite Cat, Drowned in a Tub of Gold Fishes  (1 result)
            20    A whisker first and then a claw,

  10. Ode to Adversity  (1 result)
              9    When first thy Sire to send on earth

  11. [Translation from Dante, Inferno Canto xxxiii 1-78]  (1 result)
            55    They wept; and first my little dear Anselmo

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