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Concordance Results

The selected word "ground" appears 12 times in the following 8 texts (sorted by titles):

  1. [The Alliance of Education and Government. A Fragment]  (2 results)
            71    Must sickening Virtue fly the tainted ground?
            91    With sidelong plough to quell the flinty ground,

  2. The Descent of Odin. An Ode  (1 result)
            25    Till from out the hollow ground

  3. The Fatal Sisters. An Ode  (1 result)
            44    Soon a King shall bite the ground.

  4. [Lines Spoken by the Ghost of John Dennis at the Devil Tavern]  (2 results)
              5    Ye gods, that sway the regions under ground,
            39    Queen Proserpine to Pluto under ground,

  5. Ode for Music  (2 results)
              1    'Hence, avaunt, ('tis holy ground)
            12    'Hence, away, 'tis holy ground!'

  6. [Ode on the Pleasure Arising from Vicissitude]  (1 result)
              6    The sleeping fragrance from the ground;

  7. Ode to Adversity  (1 result)
            28    With leaden eye, that loves the ground,

  8. [Translation from Statius, Thebaid VI 646-88, 704-24]  (2 results)
            52    Heavy and huge, and cleaves the solid ground.
            75    The ponderous mass sinks in the cleaving ground,

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