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Concordance Results

The selected word "heaven" appears 13 times in the following 11 texts (sorted by results):

  1. The Bard. A Pindaric Ode  (2 results)
            60    "The scourge of heaven. What terrors round him wait!
          124    'Waves in the eye of heaven her many-coloured wings.

  2. Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard  (2 results)
          122    Heaven did a recompense as largely send:
          124    He gained from Heaven ('twas all he wished) a friend.

  3. Agrippina, a Tragedy  (1 result)
            69    He reigns, the rest is heaven's; who oft has bade,

  4. [The Alliance of Education and Government. A Fragment]  (1 result)
            28    Alike to all the kind impartial heaven

  5. The Characters of the Christ-Cross Row, By a Critic, To Mrs —  (1 result)
            24    H mounts to heaven and H descends to hell.

  6. The Descent of Odin. An Ode  (1 result)
            48    Pain can reach the sons of Heaven!

  7. [Epitaph on Mrs Mason]  (1 result)
              3    Heaven lifts its everlasting portals high

  8. Imitated from Propertius, Lib: 3: Eleg: 5:  (1 result)
            49    All angry heaven inflicts or hell can feel,

  9. A Long Story  (1 result)
            29    The other Amazon kind heaven

  10. Ode for Music  (1 result)
            73    'And bid it round heaven's altars shed

  11. Stanzas to Mr Bentley  (1 result)
            20        The pomp and prodigality of heaven.

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