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The search engine can be used to locate one or more words or a phrase in the full-text of primary or secondary works, and to retrieve a result set with highlighted hits. All words entered in the text field are search terms, no stop-word list is in effect. This search engine uses an "all the words" or "AND" search by default. All search terms must be found in a text for it to be included. Also, by default, results will only contain matches that form whole words. However, the search engine does support the wildcards "?" for a single character, and "*" to represent any number (0-x) of characters. It is also possible to modify the "query options" to limit searches:

  • Find: "all the words" performs an "AND" search, i.e. all the terms must be found; "any word" performs an "OR" search, i.e. at least one term must be found; "exact phrase" looks for the terms as a phrase in the text.
  • Case: "insensitive" will find both capitals and lower-case letters, "sensitive" will only find words spelled exactly as typed in the search field.

Result sets are organized by texts in order of the number of hits. The result set page can be customised by the user to show or hide the Keyword in Context results (when hidden, only a list of texts is shown), and to sort the texts by results or titles. Users may then choose to go to the texts by following the linked titles, page numbers, or, in the case of searches within the poems, go to individual results via the line numbers or, if the result is in a paratext (e.g. the front matter or the footnotes), via the letter "P".

Known limitations: No in-text boolean operators are allowed, neither are stop-words defined. Be prepared to get large result sets when searching for words like "and", "the" or "a". The grouping of search terms is also not supported by this search engine. If you have questions or problems, please do not hesitate to e-mail for help or more information.