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  1. Agrippina, a Tragedy  (16 results)
              P    Agrippina, a Tragedy
              P    Agrippina, the Empress mother.
              P    Aceronia, confidant to Agrippina.
              P    The drama opens with the indignation of Agrippina, at receiving
              P    but Seneca, whom he sends before him, informs Agrippina of the
              P    following plot to ruin Agrippina: He betrays his trust to Otho,
              P    Anicetus in his design of ruining Agrippina, soon perceiving
              P    readily persuaded by him to see Agrippina in secret, and
              P    Poppaea. Agrippina, to support her own power, and to wean the
              P    guard to murder Agrippina, who is still at Baiae in imminent
              P    [Agrippina, Aceronia]
              P    AGRIPPINA
            26    AGRIPPINA
            38    Of Agrippina's race, he lived unknown
            81    AGRIPPINA
          150    Against thee, liberty and Agrippina:

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