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Other media and arts

Spoken Recordings (sorted alphabetically by artist)

  • Bebb, Richard et al.: Gray and Collins [Sound recording]. Read by Richard Bebb, John Neville, George Rylands, and William Squire. The English Poets from Chaucer to Yeats, recorded in association with The British Council and Oxford University Press, directed by George Rylands. Argo PLP 1031. London: Decca, 1972. [Find it in WorldCat]
  • Burrell, Michael: Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard (Thomas Gray) [Sound recording]. Spoken by Michael Burrell. [S.l.]: Studio Republic, [s.a.]. [Includes Gray's "Elegy", "Favourite Cat", and "Sonnet on the Death of Richard West"]
  • Casson, Christopher: Treasury of Oliver Goldsmith, Thomas Gray[,] William Collins. [Sound recording]. Poems, read by Christopher Casson. Spoken Arts cassette library for advanced listeners series. [S.l.]: [s.n.] [, 1967] [reissued 1969]. [Includes biographical notes on slipcase] [Find it in WorldCat]
  • Powell, Robert: Epic Poems [Sound recording]. Poems, read by Robert Powell. BBC Radio Collection. [S.l.]: BBC Enterprises Ltd, 1988. [Includes Gray's "Elegy"] [Find it in WorldCat]
  • Redgrave, Michael: English Poetry [Sound recording]. Poems, read by Sir Michael Redgrave and Dame Flora Robson. [S.l.]: Concert Hall[, 1964]. [Includes Gray's "Elegy"]
  • Speaight, Robert: Poems by Thomas Gray and William Collins. The deserted village [by] Oliver Goldsmith. [Sound recording] Read by Robert Speaight. Argo RG 119. London: Argo, [s.a.] [Includes biographical notes on slipcase] [Find it in WorldCat]

Gray's poetry and other arts (sorted alphabetically by artist)

  • Blake, William: William Blake's Water-colours illustrating the poems of Thomas Gray. With an introduction and commentary by Sir Geoffrey Keynes. Chicago: J. P. O'Hara, in association with Trianon Press, Paris, 1972 [also Boissia, Clairvaux: Published by the Trianon Press for the William Blake Trust, 1972, and reissued London: Eyre Methuen in association with Trianon Press, Paris, 1972, and London: Distributed by B. Quaritch, 1972] [Blake's water colours, each framing a page of text from the London, J. Murray, 1790 edition of Gray's poems, were first published in reproduction in London, 1922, under the title William Blake's designs for Gray's poems]. [Includes illustrations, each water-colour contains the text illustrated. All 116 are reproduced in monochrome, 16 also in colour.] [Find it in WorldCat]
  • Blake, William: Blake's water-colours for the poems of Thomas Gray: with complete texts by William Blake. Mineola, N.Y.: Dover Publications, 2000 [originally published as: William Blake's water-colour designs for the poems of Thomas Gray (3 vols.). With a new introduction. Boissia, Clairvaux, Jura: Tianon Press for the William Blake Trust, 1971.] [Find it in WorldCat]
  • Cellier, Alfred: Gray's Elegy: cantata: composed expressly for the Leeds Festival, 1883. Arranged from the full score by Berthold Tours. London: Chappell & Co., [1883]. [Find it in WorldCat]
  • Forsyth, Cecil: The cat and the gold fish: cantata for three-part women's chorus. New York: H. W. Gray co., 1920. [Find it in WorldCat]
  • Kitson, Charles Herbert: Hymn to adversity. Set to music for chorus and orchestra. London: E. Donajowski, [1902]. [Find it in WorldCat]
  • Quinton, Gertrude E.: Musa elegeia: being a setting to music of Gray's Elegy. London: Novello, Ewer & co., [1885]. [Find it in WorldCat]
  • Sharpe, George Frederick: "The progress of poesy", by Thomas Gray. Written for soli, chorus and orchestra'. Ode in three parts. Full score. Manuscript. Bodleian Library, MSS. Mus. c. 427-8. [Find it in WorldCat]
  • Stanford, Charles Villiers: The bard: a Pindaric Ode by Thomas Gray. Set to music for bass solo, chorus and orch., op. 50. Musical Score. London: Boosey, 1895. [Find it in WorldCat]
  • Storace, Stephen: The curfew tolls. Musical score for voice and keyboard/harp from manuscript G.295.b.(4) in the British Library. The tuneful lark by Samuel Arnold; with songs by William Shield and Stephen Storace; edited by Robert Hoskins; realizations by David Vine. Wellington, N.Z.: Massey University Music in association with the Massey University Centre for Eighteenth Century Music, 2008. [Find it in WorldCat]