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Concordance Results

The selected word "him" appears 47 times in the following 21 texts (sorted by results):

  1. A Long Story  (10 results)
            10    When he had fifty winters o'er him,
            12    The Seal and Maces danced before him.
            71    Conveyed him underneath their hoops
            86    The powerful pothooks did so move him,
            88    He went, as if the Devil drove him.
          114    Had in imagination fenced him,
          116    And all that Groom could urge against him.
          117    But soon his rhetoric forsook him,
          119    A sudden fit of ague shook him,
          132    She smiled, and bid him come to dinner.

  2. Agrippina, a Tragedy  (9 results)
              3    His mother shall obey him. Say you saw her
            46    Showed him where empire towered, and bade him strike
            58    To such a mother owes; the world you gave him
            87    Carry to him thy timid counsels. He
            88    Perchance may heed 'em: tell him too, that one
          156    My thought aches at him; not the basilisk
          159    I will not meet its poison. Let him feel
          176    He was the cause. My love, my fears for him,

  3. Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard  (4 results)
            98    'Oft have we seen him at the peep of dawn
          109    'One morn I missed him on the customed hill,
          114    'Slow through the church-way path we saw him borne.
          120    And Melancholy marked him for her own.

  4. The Descent of Odin. An Ode  (3 results)
              5    Him the dog of darkness spied,
            14    (The groaning earth beneath him shakes,)
            56    His brother sends him to the tomb.

  5. [Translation from Dante, Inferno Canto xxxiii 1-78]  (3 results)
            16    'That I did trust him, that I was betrayed
            32    His young ones ran beside him. Lanfranc there
            83    Askance he turned him, hasty to renew

  6. The Characters of the Christ-Cross Row, By a Critic, To Mrs —  (2 results)
            31    Pleased with his pranks, the pisgys calls him Puck,
            39    Like perch or pike in pond you see him come;

  7. The Triumphs of Owen. A Fragment  (2 results)
            10    Squadrons three against him came;
            28    Thousand banners round him burn.

  8. The Bard. A Pindaric Ode  (1 result)
            60    "The scourge of heaven. What terrors round him wait!

  9. The Candidate  (1 result)
            29    To refuse him for such peccadillos were odd;

  10. [Conan]  (1 result)
              2    Build to him the lofty verse,

  11. [Epitaph on a Child]  (1 result)
              6    Now let him sleep in peace his night of death.

  12. [Epitaph on Sir William Williams]  (1 result)
              4    Nor Envy dared to view him with a frown.

  13. Imitated from Propertius, Lib: 3: Eleg: 5:  (1 result)
            20    To Providence, to him my thoughts I'd raise,

  14. [Impromptus]  (1 result)
              4    If you scratch him will fester.

  15. Ode for Music  (1 result)
            24    And, as the choral warblings round him swell,

  16. [Ode on the Pleasure Arising from Vicissitude]  (1 result)
            48    To him are opening Paradise.

  17. The Progress of Poesy. A Pindaric Ode  (1 result)
            86    To him the mighty Mother did unveil

  18. Satire on the Heads of Houses; or, Never a Barrel the Better Herring  (1 result)
            12    To him bears affinity;

  19. Sonnet [on the Death of Mr Richard West]  (1 result)
            13    I fruitless mourn to him that cannot hear,

  20. [Tophet]  (1 result)
              3    I saw them bow and, while they wished him dead,

  21. [Translation from Statius, Thebaid VI 646-88, 704-24]  (1 result)
              3    Let him stand forth his brawny arm to boast.'

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