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  1. Agrippina, a Tragedy  (23 results)
              P    determines not to have recourse to that expedient, but on the
              P    that it will be for her interest. Otho hearing that the Emperor
              P    had seen Poppaea, is much enraged; but not knowing that this
              P    acquaint her with his fears that her son Nero would marry
            11    And would have dropped, but that her pride restrained it?
            29    To her that gave it being, her that armed
            43    High as the consulate, that empty shade
            50    A heart that glows with the pure Julian fire,
            65    That read futurity, to know the fate
            79    That wait on youth and arbitrary sway:
            88    Perchance may heed 'em: tell him too, that one
            90    With equal power resume that gift, and raise
            91    A tempest that shall shake her own creation
          109    That in Armenia quell the Parthian force
          125    That struggle with the yoke. How shall the spark
          126    Unquenchable, that glows within their breasts,
          134    That anciently appeared, but when, extends
          145    The gilded swarm that wantons in the sunshine
          154    These hated walls that seem to mock my shame,
          163    Has spread among the crowd; things that but whispered
          189    That hangs on thy clear brow. So Helen looked,

  2. The Bard. A Pindaric Ode  (23 results)
              P    that EDWARD the First, when he compleated the conquest of
              P    that country, ordered all the Bards, that fell into his hands,
              9    Such were the sounds, that o'er the crested pride
            30    'That hushed the stormy main:
            40    'Dear, as the light that visits these sad eyes,
            41    'Dear, as the ruddy drops that warm my heart,
            55    "The shrieks of death, through Berkeley's roofs that ring,
            58    "That tear'st the bowels of thy mangled mate,
            69    "The swarm that in thy noon-tide beam were born?
            76    "That, hushed in grim repose, expects his evening-prey.
          103    'In yon bright track, that fires the western skies,
          134    'That lost in long futurity expire.
              P    of mail, that sate close to the body, and adapted itself to every motion.
              P    Snowdon was a name given by the Saxons to that mountainous tract, which
              P    Cambden and others observe, that eagles used annually to build their aerie among
              P    point of Snowdon is called the eagle's nest. That bird is certainly no stranger to
              P    That visit my sad heart—
              P    See the Norwegian Ode, that follows. [Fatal Sisters]
              P    Death of that King, abandoned by his Children, and even robbed in his last moments
              P    believed to be murthered secretly in the Tower of London. The oldest part of that
              P    It was the common belief of the Welch nation, that King Arthur was still alive in Fairy-Land,
              P    Both Merlin [Myrddin] and Taliessin had prophesied, that the Welch should regain their

  3. The Progress of Poesy. A Pindaric Ode  (20 results)
              5    The laughing flowers, that round them blow,
            38    With arms sublime, that float upon the air,
            66    Woods that wave o'er Delphi's steep,
            67    Isles that crown the Aegean deep,
            68    Fields that cool Ilissus laves,
            80    And coward Vice that revels in her chains.
            93    Of horror that, and thrilling fears,
            95    Nor second he, that rode sublime
          110    Thoughts that breathe, and words that burn.
          115    That the Theban eagle bear
              P    same Providence that sends the Day by its chearful presence to dispel the gloom and
              P    its connection with liberty, and the virtues that naturally attend on it. [See the
              P    that was over their heads, was the likeness of a throne, as the appearance of a
              P    Words, that weep, and tears, that speak.
              P    We have had in our language no other odes of the sublime kind, than that of Dryden on
              P    harmony, for such a task. That of Pope is not worthy of so great a man. Mr. Mason
              P        [Pindar] Olymp. 2. [88] Pindar compares himself to that bird, and his
              P    enemies to ravens that croak and clamour in vain below, while it pursues its flight,

  4. A Long Story  (12 results)
              7    Rich windows that exclude the light,
              8    And passages that lead to nothing.
            21    A house there is (and that's enough)
            43    Had told that thereabouts there lurked
            74    But that they left the door ajar,
            87    That, will he, nill he, to the Great-House
            92    And begged his aid that dreadful day.
            95    Owned that his quiver and his laurel
          107    High dames of honour once, that garnished
          116    And all that Groom could urge against him.
          126    'Yet hoped that he might save his bacon:
          143    That to eternity would sing,

  5. [Translation from Dante, Inferno Canto xxxiii 1-78]  (11 results)
              5    The anguish, that, unuttered, natheless wrings
            16    'That I did trust him, that I was betrayed
            18    That I advise thee; that which yet remains
            23    That grim and antique tower admitted (since
            29    Toward Pisa's mount, that intercepts the view
            58    All that whole day or the succeeding night,
            61    That house of woe. But oh! when I beheld
            70    That day and yet another, mute we sat
            80    On their dear names, that heard me now no more;

  6. The Descent of Odin. An Ode  (10 results)
              4    That leads to Hela's drear abode.
            10    Eyes that glow and fangs that grin;
            24    The thrilling verse that wakes the dead;
            36    That calls me from the bed of rest?
            38    Is he that calls, a Warrior's son.
            76    That bend to earth their solemn brow,
            77    That their flaxen tresses tear,
            78    And snowy veils, that float in air.
            88    That never shall enquirer come

  7. Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard  (10 results)
              9    Save that from yonder ivy-mantled tower
            13    Beneath those rugged elms, that yew-tree's shade,
            34    And all that beauty, all that wealth e'er gave,
            47    Hands that the rod of empire might have swayed,
            57    Some village-Hampden, that with dauntless breast
            84    That teach the rustic moralist to die.
          102    'That wreathes its old fantastic roots so high,
          104    'And pore upon the brook that babbles by.
              P    The day that they have said good-bye to their sweet friends,

  8. [Imitated] From Propertius. Lib: 2: Eleg: 1.  (10 results)
              3    From Cynthia all that in my numbers shines;
            11    Of those loose curls, that ivory front, I write,
            14    That the soft subject of my song I make,
            20    That slumber brings to aid my poetry.
            25    The fruitful muse from that auspicious night
            51    While prows, that late in fierce encounter met,
            67    Oh, might that envied happiness be mine!
            87    The hand that can my captive heart release
            99    When then my fates that breath they gave shall claim,
          101    A little verse, my all that shall remain,

  9. Ode on a Distant Prospect of Eton College  (10 results)
              2    That crown the watery glade,
              5    And ye, that from the stately brow
            15    I feel the gales, that from ye blow,
            33    'Gainst graver hours, that bring constraint
            50    That fly the approach of morn.
            64    And Shame that skulks behind;
            67    That inly gnaws the secret heart,
            77    That mocks the tear it forced to flow;
            86    That every labouring sinew strains,
            89    That numbs the soul with icy hand,

  10. [The Alliance of Education and Government. A Fragment]  (8 results)
            11    That health and vigour to the soul impart,
            23    From where the rolling orb, that gives the day,
            61    The encroaching tide, that drowns her lessening lands,
            65    O'erpower the fire that animates our frame,
            66    As lamps, that shed at even a cheerful ray,
            80    Suspends the inferior laws that rule our clay:
          100    What wonder in the sultry climes, that spread
          107    That rise and glitter o'er the ambient tide.

  11. Ode for Music  (7 results)
              6    'Servitude that hugs her chain,
            28    'That Contemplation loves,
            42    That wept her bleeding love, and princely Clare,
            47    That broke the bonds of Rome,
            50    Save charity, that glows beyond the tomb).
            51    All that on Granta's fruitful plain
            84    'The laureate wreath, that Cecil wore, she brings,

  12. [Lines Spoken by the Ghost of John Dennis at the Devil Tavern]  (6 results)
              2    From groves that smile with never-fading green,
              5    Ye gods, that sway the regions under ground,
            13    That little, naked, melancholy thing,
            33    Greensickness girls that died in youthful prime,
            38    Believe that never was so faithful found
            47    When dead applauded that were damned alive.

  13. [Ode on the Pleasure Arising from Vicissitude]  (6 results)
            21    Their raptures now that wildly flow,
            23    'Tis man alone that joy descries
            30    Or deepest shades, that dimly lower
            35    Behind the steps that Misery treads,
            41    See the wretch, that long has tossed
            46    The simplest note that swells the gale,

  14. Imitated from Propertius, Lib: 3: Eleg: 5:  (4 results)
            22    That first, eternal, universal Cause;
            44    Pangs without respite, fires that ever glow;
            48    The triple dog that scares the shadowy kind;
            53    And all the scenes that hurt the grave's repose,

  15. Ode on the Death of a Favourite Cat, Drowned in a Tub of Gold Fishes  (4 results)
              3        The azure flowers, that blow;
            10    Her coat, that with the tortoise vies,
            40    Not all that tempts your wandering eyes
            42        Nor all that glisters gold.

  16. Stanzas to Mr Bentley  (4 results)
              9    The tardy rhymes that used to linger on,
            18        Is that diviner inspiration given,
            19    That burns in Shakespeare's or in Milton's page,
            22        The meaner gems, that singly charm the sight,

  17. The Fatal Sisters. An Ode  (3 results)
            11    And the weights that play below,
            15    Sword, that once a monarch bore,
            57    Mortal, thou that hear'st the tale,

  18. Song II  (3 results)
              4    And the buds that deck the thorn?
              5    'Twas the lark that upward sprung!
              6    'Twas the nightingale that sung!

  19. [Translation from Statius, Thebaid VI 646-88, 704-24]  (3 results)
            36    Admired that arm; oft on Alpheus' shore
            64    That to avoid and this to emulate.
            70    True to the mighty arm that gave it force,

  20. The Candidate  (2 results)
            34    He's Christian enough that repents and that [stitches].'

  21. [The Death of Hoel]  (2 results)
            17    Nectar, that the bees produce,
            24    That live to weep and sing their fall.

  22. Ode on the Spring  (2 results)
            33    And they that creep, and they that fly,

  23. [Verse Fragments]  (2 results)
              1        The Joy that trembles in her eye
              6        —'tis Ridicule & not reproach that wounds

  24. [Lines on Dr Robert Smith]  (1 result)
              3    'Tis not that old Focus himself has got eyes,

  25. Ode to Adversity  (1 result)
            28    With leaden eye, that loves the ground,

  26. On L[or]d H[olland']s Seat near M[argat]e, K[en]t  (1 result)
            20        And realised the ruins that we feign.

  27. Song I  (1 result)
              6    Sounds that steal from my tongue, by no meaning connected!

  28. Sonnet [on the Death of Mr Richard West]  (1 result)
            13    I fruitless mourn to him that cannot hear,

  29. [Translation] From Tasso [Gerusalemme Liberata] Canto 14, Stanza 32-9.  (1 result)
            38    That to the grotto leads, my dark abode.'

  30. The Triumphs of Owen. A Fragment  (1 result)
            35    Agony that pants for breath,

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