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Poems by Mr. Gray (1775)

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Frontispiece    The Bard    p. ---
Title page    Poems by Mr. Gray    p. [3]
Contents    Contents    p. [5]
Advertisement    Advertisement    p. [7]
Poem    [Spring Ode]    p. [9]
Poem    [Favourite Cat]    p. [17]
Poem    [Eton Ode]    p. [23]
Poem    [Long Story]    p. [33]
Poem    [Adversity]    p. [49]
Poem    [Progress of Poesy]    p. [55]
Poem    [Bard]    p. [69]
Poem    [Fatal Sisters]    p. [87]
Poem    [Descent of Odin]    p. [99]
Poem    [Triumphs of Owen]    p. [109]
Poem    [Carmen Elegiacum, trans. by R. Lloyd]    p. [115]
Poem    [Elegia/Elegy, trans. by C. Anstey and W. H. Roberts]    p. [126]
Poem    [Elegia, trans. by Abbate Crocchi of Sienna]    p. [153]
Poem    [Ode for Music]    p. [167]
Poem    [Vicissitude]    p. [177]
Poem    [Death of Hoel]    p. [184]
Poem    [Sonnet]    p. ---
Poem    [Mrs Clerke]    p. ---
Poem    [William Williams]    p. ---
Poem    [Ode on Ranelagh, by H. J. Pye]    p. [177]
Poem    [An Evening Contemplation, by J. Duncombe]    p. [187]
Poem    [The Bard, a burlesque ode, by R. Lloyd and G. Colman]    p. [199]
Poem    [Elegia Inglese, trans. into Latin by G. Costa, and into Italian by G. Gennari]    p. [189]
Index    Index [browsable index page]    p. ---
Digital Library ID:   1775c (Source: METS/XML)
Title:   [Poems] Poems by Mr. Gray
Author:   Gray, Thomas, 1716-1771
Contributors:   [Pye, Henry James, 1745-1813]; [Duncombe, John, 1729-1786]; Lloyd, Robert, 1733-1764, and Colman, George, 1732-1794
Collaborators:   [Lloyd, Robert, 1733-1764] [translator]; [Anstey, Christopher, 1724-1805, and Roberts, William Hayward, 1734-1791] [translator]; [Crocchi of Sienna, Abbate] [translator]; [Costa, Giovanni] [translator]; [Gennari, Giuseppe] [translator]
Print Source:   Dublin: Printed by William Sleater, at No 51, In Castle-street. 1775 [1st ed. 1768].
Medium:   185,[3],(177-211),[1],(189-211),[1]p.; 12°. Wants half-title. The pagination is irregular. Sig. I, pp. 177-188, containing five poems by Gray not included in Sleater's edition of 1768, is followed by sig. [I] and [K], pp. 177-211, containing three parodies taken from earlier edition. Sig. [L], pp. 189-211, has a separate titlepage reading: Elegia inglese del signor Tommaso Gray, sopra un cimitero di campagna transportata in versi latini, e volgari. In Eblana MDCCLXXVI. Presso G. Sleater.
Holding Library:   Thomas Gray Archive
References:   Northup 62; ESTC T59850.
Notes:   248 images: scanned and processed by the Thomas Gray Archive, 15/10/2010.
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